Marit Tunestveit Dyre

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At the moment I am organizing/reorganizing my thoughts, ideas and the fields of interest that I spend time within an attempt to find a focus point for my stay at Can Serrat. My attention has lately been drawn towards flags … Continued

Jerry Wellman

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Wellman explores the realm of the non-rational narrative. His works are not abstract, yet also do not fit in to the confines of an easily understandable narrative. The work exists on a fragile border between storytelling and poetry, between rational … Continued

Aldo Urbano

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I graduated from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts and the Willem de Kooning Academy (The Netherlands).  I have shown my work individually in El Passadís (Great Spiral, Barcelona 2015), La Puntual (Are Those Ice Crems or Mountains, Sant … Continued

Eric Lemmon

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Composer and Violist Eric Lemmon’s music has been described as using “a broad range of extended techniques and complex rhythms to create [a] beautifully ethereal nebulousness of sound”.  He received his Bachelors in Music at New York University’s Music and … Continued

Sarah Treharne

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Sarah Treharne viu i treballa a Nova Jersey. Es va graduar cum laude de Mason Gross School of the Arts a la Rutgers University el 2014 amb un BFA amb una concentració en pintura. Ha assistit a residències d’artistes, inclosa … Continued

Natasha Cox

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  Natasha viu i treballa a Londres i ha participat en l’organització d’espais de l’art alternatiu des de l’any 2013. En l’actualitat Natasha forma part del School of the Damned (“Col·legi dels Condemnats”), un programa màster igualitari i no jeràrquic … Continued

Potira Maia

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Visual Artist who was born in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia in 1982. Live and work in João Pessoa, Brasil where develop researches in art and also acts as educator in the process of including people with deficiency in the public … Continued

Nicole Baute

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Nicole Baute is an expatriate Canadian living in India, where she writes short fiction and essays. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Joyland, Eclectica Magazine, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and elsewhere. She teaches creative writing … Continued

Maya Perry

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Maya Perry is an artist/musician based in Tel Aviv and New York City. She studied at the Minshar School of Art (Tlv) from which she graduated from in 2017. Her work focuses mainly on the dialogue between the conscious and the … Continued

Can Serrat Wishes You Happy 2018!

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Happy 2018 everyone! Here in Can Serrat we have celebrated the Australian New Year first, and continue with the Korean, then the Turkish, Finnish, Spanish, French, Norwegian, after the Colombian, the United States, the Mexican, the Cuban, the Canadian and … Continued