Sophie Louise Goodpasture

All his work is rooted in a fascination for the natural form, whether it manifests in botanical studies or in figurative works. She has always been intrigued by moments of intimate life, finding a deep beauty in the mundane aspects of the everyday. His work, in all media, deals largely with questions of identity and permanence, with a specific interest in interpersonal relationships and their complexities. She strives to shed light on the unspoken tensions that arise between people. This interest is most evident in his printing and drawing, where he has employed highly linear drawing techniques to articulate the tension and discontinuity behind human emotions. Through his drawing, he tries to communicate beyond the sophisticated contours of the exterior of the figure, glimpsing the internal psychological functioning of the individual. In the same way, in ceramics, his very emotive figurative pieces challenge what is often considered classic and beautiful in favor of exhibiting a clearly expressive sample of discontent.

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Resident in Can Serrat 06 al 27/05/2019