Jury Selection_ Writer Call __ June 2018

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Within the framework of this jury, 100 applications were received from writers all over the world and a large number of them were of an impressive quality. 20 participants are invited in the residency program for 2018 in addition, Can Serrat offers 1 full grant and 3 partial aid support stipends are offered for 2019.

Composition of the jury:

Guest Juror:

Regular jury:

  • Sophie Blais _  Can Serrat Director
  • Sarah Goodchild Robb _ Administration and artistic coordination
  • Anna Pahissa_Comunication and artistic coordination

20 WRITERS INVITED IN THE RESIDENCE PROGRAM, from September 2018 to February 2019)

Felix Riemann

Sepideh Karami

Neus Casanova Vico

Dasom Yang

Robert Lisek

George Moore

Stipe Odak

Mateo Martínez Monfort

Kristan George Bagdanov

Rodrigo Castillo


Koen Blauwblomme

Sharon Angelhart

Ana Obreza

Gillian Barlow

Joan Macchiavello

Montse Soria

Sandra Condori Mamani

Piper Weiss

Braulio Rubén Tupaj


1 FULL SCHOLARSHIP _ Septiembre 2019: Mateo Ciambella


1 PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 1 _ January- March 2019: Layla Benítez-James

1  PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 2 _ January- March 2019: Tomás Browne

1  PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 3 _ January- March 2019: Tammy ARMSTRONG


Waiting List

Georgina Arias Bello

Madelaine Dickie