Lukasz Chrobok

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Lukasz Chrobok GAMES OF REALITIES The working method of Lukasz Chrobok becomes understandable through a division of the works into groups of works. The so clear change between techniques and media, refers to the examination of different topics and the … Continued

Megan Coppock

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  Megan has been living in fantasy worlds since she was 6 when her father let her roll the dice in his D&D game. Now she is busy writing and playing in Live Action Role-Playing games (LARPs) when not exploring … Continued

A. Juliana Enciso

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Writer. Ph.D. in Hispanic Language and Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. Winner of the Cultural and Creative Criticism Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia twice in a row as director of the literary criticism project Aluvión (2020 … Continued

Panda Wong

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Panda Wong is a poet and editor who lives and works on stolen Wurundjeri land, so-called Melbourne. She works across multiple fields, including sound, film, performance and digital spaces. With a focus on collaboration, her practice circles around the void. … Continued

Jennifer Reynolds

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Jennifer Reynolds is a Dublin based photography student in IADT, currently entering her final year. Her work concerns existential questioning and is centred around natu re.. Heavily inspired by the theories of philosopher Alan Watts as well as phenomenology, She … Continued

Livia Ortiz Rios

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  Livia Ortiz Ríos (1985. Arecibo, Puerto Rico) Lives and works in New York. In 2012 she completed her MFA in Studio Arts from the Memphis College of Art. Recently, her works where exhibited at Embajada Gallery (San Juan, 2022), … Continued

Cassandra Lewis

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  Cassandra Lewis has contributed to 10 books and several literary publications, including Broad Street Review, The Belladonna Comedy, Mutha Magazine, Boston Literary Magazine, and others. She is a Tin House Winter Workshop alum, a Writing Mentor for PEN America’s … Continued

María Ovelar

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  María Ovelar (Alicante, 1982) is a writer in the broadest sense: a poet, journalist, translator (English, French, Japanese, and Italian), creative copywriter, and performance artist. In addition to collaborating with EL PAÍS, a newspaper where she worked for thirteen … Continued


Olivia Watson

  Olivia Watson is a British writer who lives and works in Barcelona. Her essays and interviews have been published in The Guardian and Literary Hub, among others, and her novel, SAUSAGE, was... READ MORE

Nicole Lian Aponte

  Nicole Lian Aponte (b. 1988) is a Puerto Rican artist captivated by the realm of painting. Her practice centers around the concept of *place* with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Puerto Rico,... READ MORE