Ben Allanof

  Ben Allanoff is a sculptor working with plant material, found objects, stone, and steel. He creates large-scale installations for public parks, botanic gardens, universities, social service organizations, and other institutions and entities across the US and in Mexico. Many … Continued


Gillian Barlow

  Gillian is an architect, academic, and writer/poet. She has one published book in 2022 called “Re-membering The Hojoki”. Most of Gillian’s work centers on ‘translation’ in a very broad sense including seeing... READ MORE

Rae Teitelbaum

  Raechel (Rae) Teitelbaum (they/them) is a visual artist born in Syracuse, New York, working primarily with video, film, performance, installation, poetry, and textiles. In their practice, they utilise queer worlding as method... READ MORE