Margherita Ferrario

  Margherita (1995) thinks in words and therefore she writes. Based in Turin, Italy, she specializes in social and environmental communication, editorial coordination and incendiary literature, constantly questioning the narratives we take for granted and their role in propelling or … Continued

Emine Alev Ersan

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Alev Ersan is a creative practitioner working in visual, literary, and performing arts. Her practice manifests as multimedia installations incorporating audiovisual and textual content, site-specific performances, stop-motion animation, and poetry. At the core of her practice lies a poetics of … Continued

Çınar Eslek

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The works of Çınar Eslek explore the possibilities of the body as a complex existence. The artist, primarily through autobiographical references, reflects on the body’s forces to exist and be exposed to action while tracing the traces of bodily movement … Continued

Gizem Karakaş

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Gizem Karakaş is an artist and cultural worker based in Istanbul. In her practice, she focuses on the struggles, ironies, comedy, and poetry of everyday life with semi-fictional narratives of an individual undergoing transformation, navigating interpersonal and contextual relationships. Her … Continued

Enxhi Mandija

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Enxhi Mandija’s practice addresses the tension between different languages coming into close contact, as well as different forms and mediums colliding and collapsing into one another, paying attention to moments of resonance, transmission, and transference. Operating from a state of … Continued

Marie Le Lievre

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    Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Marie Le Lievre studied Criminology and Education before focusing on her artistic career in Fine Arts. She traveled extensively abroad while living and working in London, Israel, and Argentina. Her work is represented … Continued

Chiara Ponsetti

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Chiara Ponsetti (Buenos Aires, 1994). Graduated in Art History. She has been focusing on poetic writing in recent years: she participated in the first edition of the Conejillo de Verano literary residency in 2022, organized by the BajoTeja platform, and … Continued


Olivia Watson

  Olivia Watson is a British writer who lives and works in Barcelona. Her essays and interviews have been published in The Guardian and Literary Hub, among others, and her novel, SAUSAGE, was... READ MORE

Nicole Lian Aponte

  Nicole Lian Aponte (b. 1988) is a Puerto Rican artist captivated by the realm of painting. Her practice centers around the concept of *place* with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Puerto Rico,... READ MORE