Camila Tatiana González Rodriguez


The importance of watering the flowers of memory, like one waters oneself.

Watering oneself, like someone caring for a garden. Like one waters while speaking, creating, exploring, and experimenting. A kind of bee. Tear.

How to speak about what hurts if one cannot recognize what one loves? Firmly believing in doing, with affection, finding the value of communication in social dynamics and graphic exploration. For her, artistic creation is a way of inhabiting the world and constructing herself.

Watering oneself, like someone giving everything to the feeling. Watering even when words weigh heavy because from there arises the need to express oneself through imagery, design, and ceramics.

Watering to find oneself, also in analog processes, which allow approaching emotionality through hands-on work.

Watering oneself, as a method of personal catharsis. Where, after so much watering, one can begin to navigate through ink and lapis lazuli waters. The importance of watering to express oneself, to weave a language, to prevail through imagery, living memory, and myrtle flowers. It is her way of inhabiting the days.

Watering the flowers, like one waters oneself.

Camila is in residence at Can Serrat during the months of January and February 2024.