Given the current and future situation of international travel restrictions, as consequences of the epidemic caused by covid-19, the Can Serrat team decides to open a temporary micro-program of introduction and preparation for their delayed on-site residence. This program is exclusively available to creators who were selected by calls between 2019 and 2020 to come in residence to Can Serrat and who had to postpone their residency as a result of the pandemic.

After almost a year of uncertainty and many emails rescheduling dates, this micro-program aims to connect with selected creators and their work in progress that have not been able to come to Can Serrat yet, in addition to generating small virtual communities, and to introduce to one another creators invited in the program. 


When we will know who wants to participate, we will send an email with details about the content of the telematic session.


Important precision:

Access to this micro-program does NOT mean the cancellation of the residence in the physical place (but it is still postponed to a more favorable time for travel and according to availability of the resident and the space) and does not entail any additional cost to what was originally planned with your stipend.


However, on the basis of volunteering and without any type of obligation, if you have the possibility of advancing the entire remaining cost for the residence (payment in possible installments without any added expense ** by Can Serrat) or any % of the remaining cost at this point would obviously be welcome in these times of widespread vulnerability.


* Bank charges paid by the resident.


Program details *:

  • A collective session (duration: 3h)
  • Each person introduces himself briefly
  • The Can Serrat coordinators and previous invited residents tell Can Serrat and its territory.
  • Space-time questions and exchanges.


* Based on the responses received, we will send an email with more details about the content and participants of each session. 


Participation conditions:

  • Have been selected for a residency in Can Serrat between 2019 and 2020
  • Not being able to move due to the restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic
  • Wanting to share with a community that is still unknown and at a distance.
  • Have access to an internet connection
  • Speak fluently one of the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French