Martina Krapp

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Martina Krapp has a degree in Fine Arts of the National Arts University of

Buenos Aires. She attended the Alejandro Arguelles and Fabian Attila’s

workshop and, at the same time, she also attended the Scalabrini Workshop

coordinated by Leila Tschopp where art clinics and projects are dictated and


Nowadays, she is taking the Josefina Zuaín’s writing workshop for artists and

getting a Master degree in Latin American Contemporary Aesthetics for the

UNDAV, after being given a scholarship from the Artistic Investigation

Center (CIA).

In 2018, she participated with other artists in the exhibition “Como contruir un

cerco” (“How to build a fence”) taking place in Galeria Pasaje 17. She was also

selected to participate, with “El punto gris” (“The grey point”) in the Fondo

Nacional de las Artes Visuales 2017 contest, in the painting Bienal Premio

Federal 2017 and in the exhibition program of Fundacion ICBC. She also

participated with “Sala de ensayo” (“Rehearsal room”) in Fundacion Esteban Lisa;

“Demolición de un muro” (“A wall’s destruction”) in Bastón del Moro Galería

located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

In 2016, she did the group exhibition “Asentamiento” (“Settling”) in Cultural

Marienzo; “Diamante en Bruto” (“Rough diamond”) in the group exhibition El

Pliegue, Arte y Vida.

Awards and special honors

2018 – She was selected by the CIA to get a Master degree in Latin American

Contemporary Aesthetics.

– CFI Fine Arts Contest

2017 – FNA Fine Arts Contest



2018 Can Serrat International Art Residency, El Bruc, Cataluña, España.