Marie Le Lievre

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Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Marie Le Lievre studied Criminology and Education before focusing on her artistic career in Fine Arts. She traveled extensively abroad while living and working in London, Israel, and Argentina. Her work is represented by Jonathan Smart Gallery in Christchurch and by Bartley + Company Art in Wellington. She currently lives and works as a full-time artist in Lyttelton.

Marie Le Lievre’s work is divided into five loosely overlapping categories. One is sensitive drawings; another is painted photographic self-portraits. A third is “writing” works, and a fourth is “paraphernalia” paintings with stylized motifs. The fifth category is “slip” paintings, in which layers of translucent oil pigment are poured onto the canvas placed on the floor and worked by the artist with gloved hands in a very physical process.

The core to understanding the work of artist Marie Le Lievre is that everything depends on an interplay between what is revealed and what the artist obscures, a dialogue between private inner landscape and the public world.

Marie Le Lievre is undertaking her residency during September and, October 2024.