María Ossandón Recart

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I work with miniature landscapes in different formats or containers, where I place small figures who tell a story or situation in these landscapes. I work with natural and artificial materials. My work begins with the gather, with the search of material, and those are the materials that are suggesting different landscapes, where I place plastic figures that will give the scale and “the text” to the content landscape. The miniature landscapes are a re-reading of our relationship with nature and the landscape.


My work has been exposed in: XIX version of the contest: “Arte en vivo” National Library and Museum of Fine Arts, First Prize Mention Installation (2008). Contemporary Art Museum Quinta Normal, Exit exposure: Preview, Santiago of Chile. Sala Cero, Animal Art Gallery, Collective Exhibition “Escena Alterada”, Santiago of Chile (2009). Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Bicentenario Gallery, Collective Exhibition “Lejos de casa”. Santiago of Chile (2012). Collective Exhibition Ojo Andino Chile, Fondazione Cini, Venice of Italy (2015). Collective Exhibition “The Art of Humanity” Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection Ojo Andino Chile, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, United States (2016).  In 2017 I will have an exhibition in SomoS Gallery, Berlin, Germany and the Art Fair in NordArt, Budelsdorf, Germany.