Lucia Leman

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LUCIA LEMAN (b. 1972) is an awarded multi-cultural poet, novelist and creative media practitioner published under two names (i.e. as Lucija Stamać and as Lucia Leman) and in three languages (respectively, Croatian, German and English). She has 27 years of experience in freelance creative writing, backed up by a BA in drama and performing arts, an MA in comparative literature and a recent PhD based on an in-depth study of Eastern-Mediterranean intertexts to be found in Byron’s drama Manfred, which was her first non-fiction work published in English. Likewise, her poetry and fiction are marked by Mediterranean colours and themes, not to mention her travels across Europe and her respective experiences of working as an actor and an art curator.


During her month-long residence in Can Serrat she has completed the second draft of her English fiction Cyber Gnome (c. 57 000 words), describing a six-month-long period  in the life of a highly educated Croatian “migrant” fighting the odds of Brexit Britain. Inspired by true fact, the novel aims to satirize recent anti-democratic trends and their dim-witted followers whilst addressing the issues belying the feelings of otherness and dispossession, whether at home or abroad.