Lena Wurz


My practice focuses on the perception of architectural and emotional spaces. I draw inspiration from the act of collecting and movements of the body. I work using collage, drawing, writing, and printmaking to create installations. Deconstructing and arranging words and lines, imagery and objects on paper and in spaces, I encourage audience interaction. The goal of my work is to give a hint to my audience to understand their physical and mental position within their surroundings. I am considering how places are their own archives, looking at private, public, and natural environments. Recently I have started new collaborations and continued ongoing ones. I either create pieces together with other artists and curators or set up environments, such as Temporary Home or Edition Residencies with them. I also take small roles in other people‘s projects that show me how a practice depends on other people‘s practices, how they overlap and inform each other. Friendship and support groups within art practices have become a regular conversation topic.

Lena makes her residency in Can Serrat in July/August 2021


About her process while in residency >>>

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