Lauren Jinshil Oliver

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I am a Social Artist, with a focus on building community via Circles. My current project as a writer is a self-led guide to enable any small group use CirclesWork! Tools for Cooperative Work, and to co-create a self-governing effective group with user-friendly communication tools, processes for wholesome and egalitarian group dynamics, and for setting in place values and agreements that support the well-being of each individual and of the group.  We need shared practices to build a healthy community, and to solve the significant challenges that face us in the world today.  A Circle supports each person to do and be what s/he is talented and passionate about, and make the contribution s/he can make.

After becoming a clinical psychologist, I worked in corporations for 18 years.  My favorite job was Manager of Training and Organization Development for the first Toyota plant in the US.  The Toyota system is based on genuine teamwork and continuous improvement by the workers; it equals the most humane, safe and effective work system in the world.

Education:  BA at Radcliffe College, Harvard University; PhD in Clinical Psychology at UCLA (Univ of CA, Los Angeles)

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