Laura Lumi


Born and living in Buenos Aires. She is a visual artist and a graduate in Education Sciences (UBA). She works as a producer and artistic director at Tomás Saraceno’s art studio since 2020; as a researcher and developer at Biomímesis Argentina, and as an art and technology teacher at Laboratorio Flexible. Currently, Laura is participating in the Art Residency (PAC) at Gachi Prieto Gallery (CABA) and is taking sculpture and artwork clinic workshops with Luis Terán. During 2022, she completed an artist residency at CRUDO Gallery (Rosario, Santa Fe). She studied visual arts at UNA and trained with Marina de Caro, Inés Raiteri, Eduardo Stupía (UTDT), Vali Guidalevich (UTDT), and Georgina Gluzman (UDESA). In terms of bioart, she completed the BioObjects postgraduate program at FADU (UBA) and biomaterial workshops (bioplastics, biothreads, and biotextiles) with Carolina Etchevers and Laura Messing.

Laura is in residence at Can Serrat during January-February 2024.