Gillian Barlow


Gillian is a writer and architect. She worked as an architect doing Aboriginal housing and health buildings for over thirty years. She holds a Ph.D. from the Writing and Society Group at the University of Western Sydney. Her topic was Aboriginal housing and it is written ficto-critically. Her exegesis, a ‘translation’ of a thirteenth-century Japanese text by a Buddhist monk into photos of Aboriginal housing, won the Saddle Road Press search for new texts and is currently being completed for publication. Her writing is experimental and interdisciplinary – exploring how writing appears on the page as much as what it says. She has a keen interest in the place, walking, and Aboriginal housing. Most recently she has been doing lots of poetry. She currently works as an academic at the University of Sydney on a unit of study taking students into Country to undertake a project designed and prioritized by the local Aboriginal Community.

Resident in Can Serrat from the 5 to the 24/10/2019