Georgi Coquereau

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Starting from early youth I was drawn to the play of light, how it transforms the visual, metaphysical and

psychological perceptions of a given visual field. With maturation as an artist/photographer, and

educational endeavors, (Disney’s California Institute of the Arts, M.F.A), I moved from internalized

ponderings to an outlooking focus on viewer inclusion, creating photographic images that expand on

formative aesthetics in which abstract light and shadow images are anchored by reality references,

enabling each viewer to recreate the elements in their own frame of reference. The current work in

progress at Can Serrate will realize local suggestive environmental circumstances that will allow the

viewer to participate with one’s own thought and imagination, as their own reflection will integrate with

backlit photographic pieces suspended from the ceiling, taken around Can Serrate, and Barcelona areas.


Recent publication: “Gas Station Bathrooms I Slept In”, my first book, is a cautionary tale of the pitfalls,

vulnerability and rare endemic moments in both time and environmental frame references during my

solo youth travels made up of eighteen text pages and mostly photo plates that is available on Amazon.

The emphasis being on observational/documentary photography and illustration works that depict

conditional social environments in which the images originate from.


About her work in the residency >>>

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