Alex Hackett


Alex Hackett is an artist, writer, and anthropogastronomer living in Scotland. Her work exists in the shifting boundaries of the ‘natural’ and the ‘unnatural’, across fields of poetics, photography, installation, and the edible.

My artistic practice has an increasingly spiritual underpinning, both in its attunement with the natural world and in its hopes to provide some aspect of solace for the viewer. I believe that a closer relationship with the natural world and fellow beings can provide its own revelations about ourselves and the way we live our lives. My practice continually draws from the parallels to be found between elements of what we consider the natural world and our personal and emotional states of mind.

Combining text and image is at the crux of my way of working and presenting my artistic practice. As I often work in experimental ways with the edible, ritual, and more temporal actions, text and image work to document my practice. My work is deeply informed by traditional domestic practices and methods of food preparation and draws on the poetry of our relations with others, offering storytelling that uncovers possibilities for new ritual and significance and a more hopeful and honest way of living with other beings in the contemporary world.

Consideration of materials remains an important consideration in my personal artistic practice, with engagement with the seasonality of the natural world feeding directly into the materiality of my work. I prioritize working in more temporal mediums whilst utilizing publication and print to document, which can be easily and freely dispersed and shared, as well as being a more transient form of artwork in a world of excess.

Alex Hackett will be in residence at Can Serrat between the months of March, April, and May 2022.


About his process while in residency >>>

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