Agostina Flamini

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Agostina Flamini (Salta- Argentina 1988) is an independent cultural manager, visual artist licensed in Fine Arts and Magister in Research and Creation in Art by the Complutense University of Madrid, she also took specific courses in Photography, Graphic Design, Cultural Management, Art Clinics, Cultural Projects Production and a postgraduate in Art and Social Intervention.

She assumes artistic practice from everyday experience. Her process of production are traversed by the alteration and decontextualization, deconstruction and construction of objects and images; working from the intimate, without previous guidelines, in developments that become visible from this daily work, which open roads, alter senses and dense their symbolic content.

These include photography, texts, videos, audios and drawings. Each one of her projects are thought like an intervention according to the physical aspects of the spaces in which they are developed and exposed.

At the moment she lives in Madrid and combines her artistic investigation with management in La Carbonera, an alternative self-managed cultural space founded in 2015, and she is one the founder.

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