Yngvild Anette Nergaard


Her work consists of a lot of different materials and techniques, painting, drawing, collage, assemblage, and lightboxes. The sizes vary from tiny to large, and I move between different stages of figuration and abstraction.

The sources from which she draws ideas and inspiration are equally widespread. Yngvild is always searching for images and stories that are strange and quirky, and she photographs all kinds of things she sees around her. It could be a tree, a streetlight, faded graffiti, or how the city sky looks at dusk. Places, where there is some kind of clash between nature and manmade things, are where she finds a lot of her inspiration. Building sites and rubbish dumps can be grotesque and at the same time beautiful. like the contrasts and contradictions that are inherent aspects of life itself, something can be sad and at the same time funny, clear and vague, repulsive and attractive. TooYngvild, these are essential qualities to the kind of art experience she searches for and hopes to convey in my work.


Yngvild will be in residence at Can Serrat during the month of August 2022