Sven Popović

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Sven Popović was born on September 19, 1989 in Zagreb, now located in Croatia, but back then in Yugoslavia. His short stories were published in the anthology of young Croatian writers („Bez vrata, bez kucanja“, Sandorf 2012), in a collection of short stories „Record Stories“(Aquarius Records, 2011) and various magazines and webzines like Quorum, Zarez and Arteist. He contributed as a freelance journalist to a number of magazines such as Zarez, Aktual and the Austrian leftist magazine Wespennest, as well as writing literary and album reviews for various webzines. His collection of short stories, “Last Night” (Meandarmedia) came out in 2015 and received excellent reviews. Several of his stories were included in “Best European Fiction 2017” (Dalkey Archive Press). “Last Night” is to be published by Dalkey Archive Press in 2017 or 2018.