Ryen Heart


Ryen Heart is fixated on portals of transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration. Their work is characterized by experiments in relationality and orientation and a commitment to devotion without telos. They investigate the invisible and ungraspable. Heart utilizes exacting physical research processes to generate slow, sculptural choreographies. hHeart’s work tends to hold collapse, embodied memory, commitment to the divine, and a radical receptivity to what is around them. Heart invites the viewer into queer formulations of sacrality. Their work has taken many forms, from secret youtube fan accounts, to apocalypse drag, to living sculptural installations, to fictional religions. Heart works in performance, video, and sculptural installations. central to Heart’s methodology is deep listening, play, and a commitment to the process.

Ryen makes her residency at Can Serrat during the month of May 2023.


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