Reed RUSHES is a performance artist living and working in Queens NYC. Their work foregrounds queer feminist narratives as they relate to ecology, consumerism, and neoliberal power structures.

RUSHES’ performances disappear the distinction between everyday objects, human bodies, technology and affect, drawing attention to the periphery. Their practice is committed to the subconscious and accessing emotional states. Often working with collaborators they work from dreams, hearsay, personal and collective histories, drag, folklore and myth. Culminating in visual performances that mix autobiography with fiction. Although primarily working in performance their practice is transdisciplinary putting movement in relation to video, sound, drawing, sculpture and installation.

Reed RUSHES has taught performance workshops in universities and schools across the UK and was a Teaching Fellow at Al-Quds Bard College, Palestine (2021). They have a Masters in Fine Arts from Bard College New York (2022) and Bachelor Degree in English Literature and Performance with honors from Queen Mary University London (2015)


Reed will be in residence at Can Serrat from July – August 2023.