Philothée Gaymard


Philothée Gaymard is a French fiction writer currently working on her first novel. She writes about families, bodies, queerness, and technology. Her work often incorporates speculative fiction elements and adopts a resolutely intimate lens, as it seeks to understand how technology shapes and reconfigures human lives, emotions, and relationships — particularly queer ones.
In French, her creative writing has been published by Stadtsprachen magazin (Berlin), Revue Pique-Nique (Paris) and Usbek & Rica (Paris). She has also published an essay, Le Vintage (Éditions 10/18, Paris, 2013) and, in English, Philothée Gaymard, Inhabitant of the Rietveldt-Schröder House, with visual artist Jean-Pascal Flavien (Onestar Press, Paris, 2018).


Philothée makes her residence in Can Serrat between mid-September – mid-October 2021