Nicole Lian Aponte


Nicole Lian Aponte (b. 1988) is a Puerto Rican artist captivated by the realm of painting. Her practice centers around the concept of *place* with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Puerto Rico, California–an expanding list of places she’s lived–each infused by the landscape, people, and experiences she’s shared. Through her paintings, she transcends mere representation, capturing the essence of lived experiences and fleeting moments, inviting viewers to explore their own connections to place.

Nicole Lian Aponte received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Los Angeles (2010) and a Masters in Fine Arts from the California College of Arts (2016). Select exhibitions include Embark Gallery, San Francisco (2015, 2016), Minnesota Street Projects, San Francisco (2016), Sherle Wagner International, Dallas (2016), and The Pearl, San Francisco (2018), among others. Aponte is also one of the recipients of the Dennis Leon and Christin Nelson scholarship (2016) and the Clyde & Co. Community Art Award (2015, 2016).

Nicole takes her residency at Can Serrat during June 2024.