Lukasz Chrobok

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Lukasz Chrobok GAMES OF REALITIES The working method of Lukasz Chrobok becomes understandable through a division of the works into groups of works. The so clear change between techniques and media, refers to the examination of different topics and the need to find an adequate artistic implementation to an idea. Thus, series of paintings or objects, installations or videos are created and divided into groups of works according to themes. Some are completed, others have an open end and are continuously completed. LC’s works subliminally raise the question of the relationship between artistic idea and its feasibility. The artistic process chosen for an idea remains consciously transparent and comprehensible. In the field of his works he plays with irony, exaggeration and simulation, either to make a critical view possible or to be purely entertaining. Vita Lukasz Chrobok 1976 born in Dabrowa Gornicza / Polen 1999 Assistence Will Mc Bride 2001 Assistencez Peter Reitberger 2003 Diploma / ersity of Applied Sciences, Hamburg 2009 Foundation of the Art and Culture Association 2025 / Aterlierhaus with 12 studios and project space 2011 Lecturer for painting at the Lichtwarkschule, Hamburg lives and works in Berlin

Lukasz Chrobok is undertaking his residency during May 2024.