Jury Selection_ Writer Call __ November 2018

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Within the framework of this jury, 100 applications were received from writers all over the world and a large number of them were of an impressive quality. 20 participants are invited in the residency program for 2019 in addition, Can Serrat offers 1 full grant and 3 partial aid support stipends.

Composition of the jury:

Guest Juror:

  • Paola Caballero _ writer (Colombia)*

Regular jury:

  • Sophie Blais _  Can Serrat Director
  • Sarah Goodchild Robb _ Administration and artistic coordination
  • Anna Pahissa_Comunication and artistic coordination


from March to September 2019

Alberto Bejarano
Marina Romiszowska
Vanessa Roveto
Claire Potter
Suzanne Rivecca
Innocent Ilo
Saudamini Deo
Ben Simmons
Mariah Whelan
Lydia Magyar & Emerson Whitney
Roberto Eric Shoemaker
Pim Lammers
Che Yeun
Katrina Bonillo
Diana Arterian
Gregorio Molina
Silvina Scheiner
Camilla Russell
Meg Bernhard
Alicia Palacions-Ferri


1 FULL SCHOLARSHIP _ August 2019: Alex Marsh

1 PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 1 _ March – September 2019: Juliana Borrero

1  PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 2 _ March – September 2019: Ave Barrera

1  PARTIAL AID SUPPORT STIPEND # 3 _ March – September 2019: Miquel Duran Frigola


Waiting List

Luciana Erregue-Sacchi
Glòria Granell
Silvi Naçi
Joanna Ellmann
Alicia DeSantis
Angela Wright
MK Ahn
Louise Omer
Carlota Berzal
Jessica Martinez Villalba
Agostina Luz López
Catalina Landivar
Sabina Zupanc
Samuel Martínez Andrade
Natalia Suarez Ortiz de Zárate
Rui Cóias
Hana Pera Aoake


* Paola Caballero declared herself disabled with respect to the proposal of JULIANA BORRERO.