Jennifer Paola Vega Barragán


Jennifer Vega is an experimental writer, poet, and manager of publishing projects. She studied Linguistics and Creative Writing at the National University of Colombia. She has published poems in the Local Poets Collection of Dosis Mínima, photo poems in the publication Charco of the Niebla collective, short stories in Matera Magazine and Paradoja Ediciones, and essays and photographs in Zanna Magazine in the United Kingdom. She has also collaborated in numerous self-publishing processes and fanzines and has self-published works such as Fuimos Felinos Florales Felices (poem-object), La hora de la primavera (poetry book), Flores en las manos (photo zine), Pequeño Diccionario de Términos Médicos (photo zine) and fragments (photo literature). She is currently in the process of creating her first novel object, Nómadas Anémonas.


Jennifer will be in residence at Can Serrat during the month of May 2023.