Çınar Eslek

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The works of Çınar Eslek explore the possibilities of the body as a complex existence. The artist, primarily through autobiographical references, reflects on the body’s forces to exist and be exposed to action while tracing the traces of bodily movement as a dependent component of space. She focuses on the representation of the full range of bodies, the transformation of beings, their boundaries, and our ways of understanding them. Through her use of media such as canvas, photography, video, three-dimensional installation, and fabric, she proposes unsettling image abstractions with a macro perspective. Her works, originating from her subjective universe, address a broader range of issues and find poetic ways to reject the conventional.

Eslek has brought together artists, directors, and writers in the “Ak-sayanlar” project, which she has been preparing for Art Unlimited magazine for the past two years. Additionally, together with curator and art critic Yekhan Pınarlıgil, she is the co-creator of the XXY article project, focusing on stories about the body.

In 2022, Eslek joined the Alternative Art School Platform, with the support of Saha, and was also one of the participants in the Istanbul Biennial in 2022 as part of a project by the Crip Magazine.

She published the art book entitled Karabasan (Incubus) together with Yekhan Pınarlıgil. Finally, she participated in the Present in the Void exhibition organized by the municipality of Istanbul, which focused on the relationship between art and space, sound, light, and the city.

Cinar is undertaking her residency during July 2024.