This message is to share Can Serrat’s situation in this moment.

In Spain, the State of Alarm has been lifted for now and we are able to resume activity while respecting the health and safety protocols (wearing masks, maintaining social distance, limited number of participants etc.) in accordance with the regular updates from the government. We are continuing with many questions and doubts as we navigate new ways of working. We are committed to establishing a new calendar of events that remains flexible given the circumstances and uncertainty that continues before all of us.

As we move forward, we would like to share what we have been up to during this time and to inform you of the current matters concerning Can Serrat.

The house opened its doors on June 1 to inhabitants that were able to come. The house is currently renting rooms out with access to all communal facilities*. The rental costs has been made accessible considering all the contingencies that have been generated by the current health situation. Each tenant receives a safety protocol that is important to observe and the house will be run in accordance with the health restrictions. Until we reopen the international creative residency program, the entire house will be available for these rentals.

*These rentals have been organized outside of the regular residency program and activities and without the normal following and physical presence by the coordinating team.


The creative residency program and all of its related cultural activities currently remain closed until January 7th, 2021. The Can Serrat staff have filed for and are under the ERTE covid-19 (unemployment for these exceptional conditions) until we are able to return working at our normal capacity. We are rescheduling international residents who saw their initial dates canceled and postponed due to the pandemic for a later date according to their availability along with the travel authorization of their respective countries in order to reestablish the international program at the earliest possible date.


Part of Can Serrat’s staff (Sophie, Gina, and Sarah) in collaboration with guión bajo (Colombia) have created REMOTA, an international residency program online. Though established as a separate side project, we are happy to develop REMOTA as a transversal project with Can Serrat. To learn more about this new initiative the information is accessible here:

Regarding the international residency program on site at Can Serrat and given that the travel restrictions will be lifted country by country, Can Serrat continues to publish open calls as always. You can find more information about them here:

The next open call with be from October 1-31 and will be for Summer 2021.


We are taking advantage of this time to connect and build relationships, agreements, and partnerships with local, national, and international projects and groups in order to grow possible relationships between the different communities that inhabit the house throughout the year. At the international level, Can Serrat is strengthening its collaborative partnerships with the Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei and the school of fine arts ESSI in France. At the local level, the number of co-op members, local producers, and activities of the consumer cooperative Roca Verda is growing. Carles Murillo, the graphic designer of the collection ‘PARASITIO’ will be finishing the second publication by the end of 2020, for a possible public presentation during 2021.

We hope that this information is useful to you.

Please do not hesitate to tell us about your own present situations and if you have further questions or inquiries. We are very aware of your message in our mailbox, and we will answer as soon as possible but probably slower than was possible before.

The Can Serrat Team