Covid-19 update


When the State of Alarm in Spain was lifted on June 1, 2020, we have since been able to organize activities at Can Serrat while respecting necessary heath measures (wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, ensuring capacity limits, etc.) and which are updated regularly.  We have forged ahead navigating amidst doubts and uncertainty and are looking for new ways of working under the current circumstances and redefining our calendar, which is as precise as it is flexible.


Here, we would like to share with you what we have achieved in 2020 and what we are planning for 2021:


  • On Jun 1, we reopened the house after the initial shutdown and pivoted to renting to the local community on a long-term and monthly basis. Although we were unable to reopen the international residency program, it was important to us that the house continued to be animated by life within its walls.  This new experience made us realize how enriching for the residency it could be to have local inhabitants.  As such, we have reserved some rooms for this purpose into 2021
  • From January 7th, 2021, Can Serrat will little by little once again begin receiving and offering support to projects/residents selected in 2019/2020.  We will continue to observe international and national restrictions/guidelines and apply our health and safety protocol, which you can read on our website.
  • We have created an online residency REMOTA in collaboration with contemporary writing residency guion_bajo.
  • We have worked with local collectives and helped to organize the following public events:
    • Performance festival ESCLETXA (October 2020) with the association Els amics de Can Serrat
    • El Dia D (a day of painting murals in Esparreguera) with the collective Obertencanal
    • Project presentation “Encantos y pociones – curas femeninas de metzineres” by Christina Schultz in collaboration with Nau Côclea.  It was held in the bodega at Can Serrat on November 4, 2020.
    • In 2020, Can Serrat began new collaborations with Catalan, Spanish, and French  collectives and artistic spaces, that will bear fruit in 2021: 
  • Gran Tour (Nau Côclea, Can de Farrera)
  • Collaboration under Barcelona Capital 2021 de la alimentación sostenible (Can de Farrera, Nau Côclea, Caçis, Lo Pati, etc)
  • Collaboration with FORA DE CAMP, la Escocesa, Lo Pati.
  • Work and volunteer exchanges, introductions to and cultural management internships with future residents with the contemporary art center La Cuisine (France, Occitanie), which enjoys the support of European funding.


  • We are currently evaluating how to coordinate the open calls program and the international residency for 2021-2022.
  • For the first time, Can Serrat has received funding from the Department of Culture from the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • In 2021, Can Serrat will continue and strengthen its annual partnerships with La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes EESI (France) and The Office of Economics and Culture of Taipei by offering support for artistic and literary processes to the residents selected through this scheme. 
  • Roca Verda, the consumer cooperative for local and organic products welcomed by Can Serrat, has continued to grow and has now moved to a larger space within the house.  Additionally, it has established a series of workshops and activities in relation to food and sustainable consumption.  
  • We have finally finished the edition and design (Carles Murillo) of Parasitio#2  “Fluffy Disk” that will be presented in spring of 2021 at l’automatica in Barcelona.
  • El programa de Narrativa colectiva que tenía que llevarse a cabo en enero de 2021 ha sido pospuesto a 2022. Our collective writing residency Narrativa colectiva in collaboration with our partners guion bajo and Cajon de Sastre , that was supposed to have been carried in January 2021, has been postponed to January 2022.


We are happy to share what we have been up to with you for the past months and next foreseeable future. Please do not hesitate to share with us your own situation, if you have questions or proposals.  We are very aware of your messages in our inbox and we will respond as soon as we are able–but probably slower than we were able to before!


Happy holidays and New Year!



The Can Serrat Team