Cody Brgant

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  Cody Brgant (North-American) makes sculptural works which draw directly from the physical world around him. Using processes that often involve the act of recording such as casting, mold making, impressions and rubbings he combines materials and forms to create … Continued

Angela Robinson

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  Angela is a Ballarat (Australia) based artist who has fashioned an active exhibition career that spans over 20 years. Angela’s formal training began in 1988 at the School of Mines Ballarat. It was a formative year that led her … Continued

Emanda Percival

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  Emanda Percival is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; maybe it is enough to say, Emanda writes. She finds joy in the shapes, sounds, and expressions of the written word. Currently, she draws inspiration from the parts of … Continued

Amor Absoluto

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  Amor Absoluto is Jj Fernández (drums), Hans Laguna (thin strings), Andy Poole (thick strings) and Cristian Pallejà (keys and buttons). According to them, their eclectic and lysergic style is influenced by “the blackness in general”. In April 2016, they … Continued

Sarah Alice Moran

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  Sarah Alice Moran is a painter and native New Yorker who lives and works in Brooklyn. She received her BA in fine art and art history from Bowdoin College and her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and … Continued

Samreen Sultan

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Samreen Sultan was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Before receiving her bachelor’s degree from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) she did her graduation in commerce and left her masters in between since she could not ignore … Continued

Mariliin Vassenin

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  Mariliin Vassenin is a poet, literary critic, and translator from Tallinn, Estonia. She has published two collections of poetry, Horror Vacui (2013) which received the Tallinn University Literary Prize, and Eleegiad. Elegies (2016), a bilingual Estonian-English photo/poetry collection (a … Continued

Ana Maria Micu

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Ana Maria Micu (b. 1979) is a Romanian visual artist from Botoșani. She works primarily with painting, connecting two or more images by referencing them to personal experiences and her close environment. She was repeatedly exhibited, in solo and group … Continued

Andrea Garcia Vásquez

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  Andrea Garcia Vasquez is a visual artist from New Jersey, USA currently living in Leipzig, Germany. Focusing on visually representing memory and dream spaces, Andrea Garcia Vasquez creates a mix of abstract and figurative compositions representing the perception of … Continued

Emily Campbell

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  Emily Campbell is a visual artist and educator working in Baltimore MD. Campbell holds an MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BA in visual arts from Mercyhurst University. … Continued