Claire Ducène

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She was born in Belgium in 1986. She studied Painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels and Photography at the Academy of Visual Arts of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Moreover, she obtained a Master Degree in French, Romance Languages and Romance Literature at the University of Brussels. Her passion for fictions clearly appears in her work dealing with traces and memories.

Since 2012, Claire Ducène has participated in several solo and collective exhibitions in Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.


About her work

The work of Claire Ducène is an artistic conceptualization about memories and records. The entire work is a visual and physical journey through persistent images that eventually transformed into other mediums.
The main obsession in the memory. The way to talk about is the palimpsest. Superposition and a nebula of images. The results are real or fictionnal stories, a trouble between distinct realities and fictions. 

The memory is like a huge labyrinth where you get lost in our past. She uses the spaces as a original place of the memory like the childhood’s house, the window, an old painting/photograph or the drawers in a commode. This spaces are multiplicated like the analogic memory and the remembering processes. 
Spaces are multiple and obsessive.

To activate the memory and to flow the past, Claire Ducène retrospects decors, fictive places from her own patrimony of memories. Inside the installation, the audience discovers many mediums with different rythms from slow to fast and where painted, drawed and electronical images can communicate with each others. Images are blurry, hazy, and sometimes almost illegible.

Time passes by and the images, people and places progressively fade out.

It is about the forgetting, dreams, inconsciousness and stopping time.


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