CALL RESULT – Summer 2021 – writing proposals

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In the framework of this jury, many applications were received from writers from all over the world and a large number of them were of impressive quality. The jury spent several hours debating and selected 6 proposals to integrate the residency program (1 full scholarship, 3 scholarship # 1, 2 scholarship # 2). Given the health situation and its social and economic consequences, Can Serrat is obliged to modify its calendar of calls for 2021 and the usual number of partial scholarships provided according to each modality. The residency team is in discussion and listening to the evolution of the health situation to finish defining the calendar of calls and full and partial scholarships, scheduled for 2022.




Agustina Gurevich _ escritora (Beca Completa 2020)

Sophie Blais & Sarah Goodchild Robb _  CAN SERRAT



Jorge Ávalos


Michelle Roche Rodríguez

Barbara Ofosu-Somuah & Candice Whitney

Sol Cayrol


Marta Bausells

Olga Codina