Wisely Chow

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I find it extremely hard to answer the ominous question of ‘why I write’, but I find myself more inclined to exchange stories with friends about how my works came to be.

I’ll start by describing the quirks, flaws, and strengths of the characters that had been swirling in my mind for months and soon enough my heart starts to swell as they start to dance across into another home for them to inhabit. And when I’m done blabbering and as my stomach settles, a hug and a laugh would ensue.

I get to fall in love with people as a job and I get to share it with people I love, and maybe that will spread.

I have to confess, a great fear looms around me on the idea of travelling to Can Serrat, a place way far beyond my imagination and the total calculation of distance but it also offers me immense joy to know that I might be in a working condition way out of my league, the same intense feeling as you come across the natural world and you are hit with such intense emotion, such as joy.

Resident in Can Serrat from the 30/11-20/12/2018