Paolo Bosca


Paolo is a researcher in philosophy and writing. His work currently focuses on the relationship between some form of culture, mainly philosophy, geography art, narrative fiction; and “place”.
This interest began three years ago when he began to think upon Utopia as a spatial category: Utopia is an interesting word in order to discuss and deconstruct the idea of a place as a static, per-ordinated, bureaucratic space.
This research is now becoming his master’s degree work, and starts from philosophy (mainly Aristotle, Leibniz, Thomas More, Newton, Foucault, and Heidegger) with an interdisciplinary “glance”, moving to geography (Franco Farinelli, Mauro Varotto), architecture (Radical Italian architecture of ’70, Situationism, vernacular architecture, Yona Friedman) and contemporary art (Luca Vitone, Alterazioni Video, Igor Grubic, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gilles Clément).
In conclusion, Paolo is interested in every aspect that surrounds the concept of place and space. He uses mainly the essay – short and long-form and the novel form.


Paolo makes his residence at Can Serrat from July to August 2022.


About his process while in residency >>>

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