María Andrea Scoufalos

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Hello, my name is María Andrea, but people call me Mara and I’m an Argentinian writer. I published my first novel in 2022 titled “Match” by Editorial Planeta Argentina, Emecé, and currently, I have finished my second book, this time of poetry, which I hope will be published in 2024.
I am a very sociable and easygoing person, I enjoy learning and spending time in communities. I have done short residencies here in Argentina and enjoyed them very much, also found them very prolific for my work, and nevertheless a lovely way of making new friends as an adult, which isn’t always very easy, this time worldwide.
I want to thank the jury for their selection and look forward to meeting everyone and making the most of the time during the residency.

María Andrea Scoufalos is undertaking her residency from May to June 2024.