Yuriko Aoyama


Yuriko Aoyama is a writer and journalistic translator from Japan. She currently lives, works and writes in Tokyo.

She writes fictional stories in both Japanese and Spanish. While writing realistic fantasy stories, she works as a translator for daily news programs in Japanese TV stations to catch up on unrealistic realities around the world.

She attended the University of Barcelona(Fine arts and English philology) and lived for 5 years in Barcelona and 1 year in Berlin.
She completed three-year-long narrative and short story courses of Ateneo Barcelonés, and also participated in creative writing workshops organized by writer and artist Alicia Kopf.

She was awarded a new writer’s prize in Japan for her short stories.

I’m a native speaker of Japanese, but I chose Spanish as my language of creation. To me, Spanish is “a language of imagination” and “magical language”, as the first Spanish texts I read were those of magic realism.
I write stories in both Japanese and Spanish. One of my main focuses is to explore language possibilities, trying to find new narrative voices and forms influenced by both languages.


Yuriko Aoyama will be in residence at Can Serrat during the months of March, April and May 2022.