Jorge Eliécer Salazar Vergara


(Barranquilla, 1994) Writer (Todo terminará con la primera lluvia. Editorial Escarabajo. 2022) Lawyer. Workshop leader. Master in Creative Writing from the National University of Colombia. Winner of the eighth version of the National Short Story Contest Ministry of Education-RCN with the short story “Tránsito de muerte” (2014); honorable mention in the PoeMaRío contest (2015); second place in the PoeMaRío contest (2018); has published in the literary supplement of the newspaper La Libertad, in the magazine Latitud del Heraldo, and in the magazine Viacuarenta. Winner of the project “Crear Convivencia” of the Gobernación del Atlántico (2020). Third place in the contest “1 Premio nacional de libro de cuentos R.H. Moreno Durán SUB-35” (2021).


Jorge takes up residence at Can Serrat during the month of May 2023.