Jessy Maya Boon Cowler


My work is process led; intuitive, impulsive and compulsive, a form of meditative mindfulness and self-therapy.

Meaning surfaces in retrospect, and I fish themes from my subconscious that weave back into my work. It helps me work out how I’m feeling and to see what I’m preoccupied by in any given moment. In this sense it is a form of divination, linked to my practices with Astrology and the I Ching. My process often begins as an act of destruction, whether that be destroying the analogue purity of my 35mm snapshots with digital tools, or to cut and rip and douse physical photos and books and objects. It’s a form of catharsis and metamorphosis through chrysalis; I have to trust my instincts and the act of creation that this wrecking will bloom into something new and fruitful.