Harper Glantz


Harper Glantz works with still images to create familiar and surreal sensations. She works with themes of memory and warped perceptions of reality, often grounding them in visceral textures from nature such as dirt, blood, plant life, water and shadows. She uses film techniques that manipulate universal laws like gravity and time, i.e. setting stills together in a timeline to an inconsistent frame rate or freezing people in time in a single image. She has collaborated with sound artists such as James Murphy of LCD sound system, her brother Jack Glantz, and friends alike. Her dual screen video installation set to an original score entitled “Making Eveningside” premiered in Italy at Gallerie D’Italia Torino in 2022 and will also be on view at Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2023. She grew up in the small city of Pittsfield, MA with her three younger brothers who are the center of her world. She did not attend school after the age of 16 but instead pursued a career in lighting for films and an education in humanity by working and living in a wide variety of contexts, making a point of exploring different walks of life including that of the homeless population in American cities which has influenced her perception of societies and their norms and can often be an undercurrent in her work. She has apprenticed under numerous visual artists in her field including Gregory Crewdson, James Casebere and Isabel Magowen.


Harper makes her residency at Can Serrat during the month of June 2023.