Georgina Arias Bello


I am a designer and a writer.  I give workshops and edit books.  I sometimes travel the world. I have permanent dark circles under my eyes.


To write is to be constantly on the search.  It is to observe reality, combine it with desires and to create a world filled with holes and places.

To write is to be open.  It is to knit the terrible beauty of the things we live, that make us breathe the same dust of one of the most metaphysical cities in the world.

It is in writing where perhaps the beginning of eternity starts because it imbues us with memories, with daily and domestic affairs, with experiences, residual perversions, desires and recuperation in the aftermath of violence.

To experiment in order to search, to re-know others, to collaborate and wander to find messages that make us redefine that which we create, that which will be the future.

Georgina did her residency in Can Serrat during the month of January 2020.


About her process while in residency >>>

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