Emine Alev Ersan

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Rum Okulu, Kurtuluş, Pelin Uran, İstanbul Bienali, Pınar Gediközer Fotograf,

Alev Ersan is a creative practitioner working in visual, literary, and performing arts. Her practice manifests as multimedia installations incorporating audiovisual and textual content, site-specific performances, stop-motion animation, and poetry. At the core of her practice lies a poetics of translation and experimental narrative, driven by her work as a literary translator of experimental writing and as an educator. Alev employs interdisciplinary research, experimentation, and collaboration, with language and memory serving as constant material and conceptual currents. Her recent publications include “radiant absence” 2022, a monograph for Füsün Onur for the Turkey Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia, published by Yapı Kredi Publishing & Mousse Arts Publishing; “Wagging Tongues” 2021 RE: (AAP) Arter Artistic Research Program, ARTER publications; “Bazı Gözenekler Açılır” 2021 MOERO, poetry, Istanbul, TR http://www.moero.org/3-sayi/. Her recent installation work includes “mâzîk,” 2022, at Depo Istanbul (in collaboration with İbrahim Alam – İlyas Odman) and “If in Mirrors, It Does Not Bite” 2022, for the exhibition “Also Your Wound, Rosa” curated by Pelin Uran in Istanbul.

Emine Alev Ersan will be in residency during May 2024.