Sara Coelho Galán


Sara Coelho Galán (Portimao, 1996) has studied Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid (2019) and has completed a master’s degree in Anthropology and Ethnology during her Erasmus at the University of Bologna (2017). In 2015 she makes her first trip to Mexico where she meets the Mexican artist Guillermo Pachecho with whom she works in 2017 as a workshop assistant (2018, Oaxaca). During her Erasmus in Bologna she comes into contact with dance and performing arts. Later, she carried out the multidisciplinary training program Anfibia (2019-20) opening the doors of the word, the body and physical theater. In this area, she trained with professionals such as Mónica Valenciano, Janét Novás, Rakesh Sukesh, Guillermo Weickert, Rainer Behr and Cristina Morganti (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bauch) or Romain Guion (Les Ballet C della B). In the visual arts, she has collaborated with Lucas Damiani in the creation of the Reciclerio project, exhibited at the BFOTO festival (Barbastro, 2019). Today, she is developing a visual storytelling project in Terceira (Azores) and creating a performative work called SINAÍ. Lastly, she published my first self-publishing `Libros de NADIE´ (2021), a collection of poetry, images and plastic arts and continued since 2018 with the Mapeo Coporal project, an artistic mediation initiative that deals with transfeminist empowerment and cartography.


Sara takes her residency in Can Serrat in January 2023.