Lucille Saillant


Lucille Saillant (born in 1998, Rennes, France) grew up in Villeurbanne. She is a photographer and focuses on the relationship between History and Memory. In the past few years, cemeteries became one of her main subjects. She wonders how they can (and must) be thought about as geopolitical places and try to understand why and how they can be destroyed. Her photography is documentary and often evolves around places where several layers of history accumulate. Writing is also an important part of her artistic process and she likes to find ways to make text and picture coexist. She graduated from the European School of Visual Art (EESI, Poitiers, France) in 2021 and is currently working on a public commission for the National Library of France. She spent the past few months traveling in France, meeting and taking photographs of students related to their experience of the pandemic. Her work took her to different places such as the Westbank, Jerusalem, and also the Czech Republic. She sees photography as a way to step aside and make people wonder about their own relationship with History, Memory, and their own personal stories.


Lucille will be in residence at Can Serrat from July to November 2022


About his process while in residency >>>

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