CALL RESULT__Collective Creation 2025


Within the framework of this jury, many applications were received from writers and artists all over the world and a large number of them were of impressive quality. The jury very much enjoyed all the projects that were submitted and it has once again been challenging to make a selection. After spending hours debating, we selected 20 proposals to integrate the residency program. The jury took good care to extend invitations to projects that would be specifically relevant to the context of Can Serrat.



Paola Caballero Daza_ Cultural manager and Director of the guion bajo foundation.

Sarah Goodchild Robb_Resident coordinator y Communication (voice without vote).



Vivian Abenshushan

Klimka Ionah Bat Nuur-Maikov

Karl Jansen Gutiérrez

Luisa Manciá

Marina Garcia Andreu

Jimena Blanco Jalil

Florencia Di Paolo

Eliana Hernández

Teresa Gubern

Nadia González-Barría

Laia Borràs Hervàs

Adela Vidal

Julieta Rosell

Alejandra Arreola

Ana Barón Montero de Espinosa

Freja Ima Beck Iassen

Sofia Gil de Biedma

Carla Arcos

Maria Esteve

Pía Carrillo


* We know that it is very difficult to create care spaces within a call, but we want to thank, with all our hearts, all the people who have sent us their proposals. It has been a pleasure to read them, get into their practices, and get in touch with them.