Anna Barner


Artist/architect/researcher/writer, based in Copenhagen.
I speculate in future scenarios, as a generator for narration and artistic investigations, somewhere between sci-fi, mythology, and architecture. Writing is an integrated part of my practice. The cross-section between media is essential – driving projects forward – letting drawings inform text, and vice versa.
I work with a multidisciplinary method, switching between fieldwork, academic writing, and propositional work – as a way to drive forward projects. I like to showcase conditions, paradoxes, and absurdities, which become apparent through rigorous research and genuine curiosity into a place.
I continuously investigate the non-material structures that shape and hold the human existence, (as well as the consequences of the collapse of these). At the same time, I work from a very personal origin, but always in dialogue with the external world, and often in more or less direct reference to other artwork.


Anna Barner will be in residence at Can Serrat during July 2022.