Maria Karla Perez


Poetry is the most effective way he has found to express his questioning of human nature and his feelings about the world. Through it, she is able to explore her condition as an individual in a deeply complex and alienating reality, but also what she shares with others, the pain inherent in existence, and her own and collective fears. The process of writing gives her space to dissect her internal processes and to make catharsis.
Photography, on the other hand, is the expression of his perception of reality in visual terms. I don’t usually construct images artificially, but rather de-automatize their visual experience, producing from what is already there, transforming it into something different through the photographic act itself. My work has always been very varied in theme and style, but elements such as segmentation and recontextualization of forms are quite present. Rather than working with specific concepts, he is interested in conveying moods and generating an interesting aesthetic experience.
For both art forms, it is a rather instinctive process. In the case of poetry, it works by stimuli that connect directly with his poetic sensibility. In the case of photography, it is enough to know a space, body or object for the images to be projected in your head. After this initial stimulus, all that remains is the execution: writing the poem or taking the photo.

Maria will be in residence at Can Serrat during the month of June 2022.