Irene Vivas Lalinde


Irene Vivas Lalinde was born in Valencia (1993) to a Colombian father and Spanish mother. Climate activist, graduate in Law with a Master’s degree in Public Policy, she has lived in several countries in Europe. As a child she wanted to be a fixer-upper, but after a major life crisis, she realised that it was better to start by fixing herself. Her love for literature started as a child and was nurtured by several teachers during primary and secondary school. She has taken part in several creative writing courses and has been a member of amateur writing collectives in Valencia. With one of them she published the short story Once in Guía definitiva de la espera (ed. Contrabando, 2021). Her refuge is in a small village in La Rioja. She currently writes for the cultural magazine Hypérbole and is working on her first novel.