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Lerin/Hystad consists of Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad. The Swedish/Norwegian duo was formed in 2010. They work interdisciplinary with both visual art and music. Their work ranges from photography, drawing, painting, sound art and music and is often presented as audiovisual multimedia installations within the exhibition space or as live concerts. The journey is a central theme within their artistic practice, both through geographical and art historical landscapes and functions both as a method as well as a platform for storytelling.

Lerin / Hystad has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Scandinavia, Europe, China and Japan. They also perform concerts regularly both in Europe and Asia.

With a handful of releases to their credit the duo has covered a vast array of musical ground. Integrating live instrumentation with field-recordings and samples, their compositional techniques are informed by collages. Their electric multi-layered tapestries references various styles of electronic music, post-rock, jazz, ambient soundscapes and numerous other styles. Their work varies from rhythmic, pulsating tracks to free flowing washes of sound, they place equal emphasis on experimentation as they do the emotional.

Lerin / Hystad are also active improvisers and have performed together with Damo Suzuki, Keiji Haino, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, The Boredoms and Schneider TM among others.


Project while at Can Serrat:

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