Mariana Orantes


I am a writer of narrative, poetry, and essays, as well as moving into other disciplines, such as visual art. I was born in Mexico City in 1986. In my artistic production, I have worked on various themes, however, there are points that converge: the way we integrate our being from symbols, archetypes, and magic. Sometimes I look for how to understand myself from the pieces of the language of my ancestors (Nahuatl) and through the concepts that I have learned from reading and knowing other positions, ideas, thoughts, and philosophies that I am passionate about. I am interested in Mexican pre-Hispanic myths as well as Greek myths, divinatory arts, archetypes, spiritual naturalism, mysticism, the roots of fairy tales, as well as symbols and their interpretations. The pleasant conversation, the intense debate, the reflective walks, the silence, and the music are a fundamental part of my creative process. I write to understand myself and to understand the world, and that is why most of my explorations are through literary essays. But, sometimes, I also look for other outlets, and then I find myself creating art pieces or perhaps poetry or collaborations with other artists. It is a need of the spirit to communicate, understand and dialogue with others.


Mariana will be in residence at Can Serrat during the month of August 2022.