Can Serrat functions as a residence for artists and writers, has a joint work program, and establishes and develops relationships with people, activities and cooperatives in the local context. At Can Serrat, we also welcome people who love or have knowledge of nature, hikers and climbers, researchers from a myriad of fields, travelers and locals.

Due to the current situation we could not help but think that seeing a house as large as Can Serrat in the privileged space of the Montserrat natural park, closed in a moment of confinement in which precisely many people did not have a healthy living space, not seemed to make sense. It seemed to us that it was precisely the right time to develop a local community project outside of an exclusively creative perspective, inviting people from all professional fields to rent rooms for periods of between two months and six months. And from here to be able to observe and dialogue with the inhabitants to understand the challenges and implications of living like this, the connections with the nearby territory and local initiatives, and to be able to think about how this more stable community can be a complement to the artistic program that provides feedback, the broad and give it more depth when it is launched again, as a clear goal for the 2021/2022 program.


On June 1, the house was reopened for the use of the local community and these are some of the people who currently inhabit the house:

DANEL: I’m Danel, a programmer who wants to pass himself off as a Chinese doctor. The dogs in the house get on my nerves, and I sniff each time they bark. I play Catan to the death, there are no friends here yeah yeah yeah. One love, what is said.

EVA: I am a dance teacher and I am studying dance therapy and yoga. I have a mastiff dog named Mia who lives with us. I love to go for a walk and share time and games with people.

MIA: Hello, I am almost 6 years old. I am very affectionate and I love being in nature. Sometimes I bark and I can scare because of how big I am but in reality when you know me I am pure love💜

KSENIJA: I am a design engineer. In Can Serrat I spend my days sleeping, cooking, playing music, playing with my dog ​​Boira and working. I really like eating sweets, baking and reading.

ALEX: I am a biologist and teacher escaping from the dark and cold of Sweden. I spend my days with my partner, my dog ​​Boira, climbing and playing music.

BOIRA: I am a boy of almost 1.5 years. My favorite toy is the ball. I really like to eat, play and go for walks. Right now I am collecting pinecones from the forest for my collection.

JESSICA: I am Brazilian doing a doctorate in physics. I am interested in quantum optics and I have a fondness for the mountains. In my spare time I climb and play the violin.

CAROLINA: I am an anthropologist interested in gender issues, political ecology, and permaculture. I like discovering new smells and taking photos of flowers, plants and trees.

BERNAT: I am a painter, I work in a fine arts company as a manufacturer of canvases and paints and I also study at the university. I really like the people of Can Serrat.

MARTIN: I am an anthropologist and sociologist, working as a university professor from time to time. I like to read under the Catalan sun and I love to talk about any pleasant banality.

MICHELLE: I am a multidisciplinary artist taking a short break from Paris.

MONICA: I am a silver artisan, my pieces are inspired by nature and pre-Christian European cultures. I’m also in a feminist theater and research project called Majaras, which also has an independent publishing house that works on our her-story. I love walking around Montserrat and discovering new places.